Off Grid Solar in Virginia

Old Dominion Innovations has been assisting clients wishing to go Off Grid with standalone, battery powered Solar Energy Systems for over a decade.  Off Grid Solar living is enjoying a comeback as more and more citizens declare their independence from utility monopolies and prioritize emergency preparedness.

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All Solar Energy Systems produce electricity when the sun is shining on the panels.

Ground Mount Off Grid Solar Array

Off Grid Solar Systems utilize a battery bank to store the produced electricity. The home or business draws on this battery bank for it’s electric needs. These batteries have specific care and storage requirements.

Off Grid Solar Systems designed and installed by Old Dominion Innovations meet the current requirements for the 30% Federal Renewable Energy tax credit, as well as Solar Renewable Energy Credits (or SRECs- which can be monetized).  We counsel our clients on the importance of reducing overall electricity consumption, utilizing other sources of energy for heating and cooling, and making their homes more energy efficient over all in conjunction with installing Off Grid Solar. Installing a gas powered backup generator along with an Off Grid Solar System can be good “insurance” for your power supply as well.

After customer consultations, ODI designs the system that best meets your critical power needs in a way that makes sense for your circumstances.

Here's a look at a battery bank and inverters of an off grid system
Here’s a look at the battery bank and inverters of an off grid solar array
Living Off Grid

Learning to prioritize and conserve power for essential functions is critical when living off grid. In times of unusual demand or supply interruptions it may be necessary to take steps to reduce power usage even further or turn to back up sources such as a gas powered generator.  Most homeowners find that they quickly adapt to a more conscious use of electricity.

In a properly designed and installed system, the only real “maintenance” requirement is replacing the batteries as they cease to hold a charge.

Self sufficiency and preparedness provides immeasurable peace of mind that your family is safe and secure. Give Old Dominion Innovations, Inc. a call at 804-368-0589 to learn how an Off Grid Solar Energy System can provide for your family’s energy needs.