Go Green with Energy Efficient SolaTube Daylighting Systems!

ST-KitThere are imitators, but none comes close to the original! SolaTube Inc. pioneered the tubular daylighting concept in 1989 as a more functional alternative to leaky, ineffective skylights.

These innovative lighting systems consist of a clear polycarbonate rooftop dome with a built in prism configuration, a reflective Light Tracker to capture low-level ambient daylight, a heavy-gauge, seamless metal flashing to prevent roof leaks, and rigid metal tubing lined with a patented highly reflective coating, all affixed to an attractive ceiling lens.

Natural daylight offers many advantages over harsh artificial lighting. Full spectrum sunshine renders colors beautifully true. There are proven mood and health benefits related to exposure to natural light as well. Full spectrum light has long been shown to be an effective therapy for those suffering Seasonal Affective Disorder or related mood issues. SolaTubes naturally deliver this crisp, radiant illumination without using electricity OR requiring a user to sit near a special device.

As an advantage of their small footprint and flexible design, SolaTubes can be installed in many areas where traditional skylights cannot- hallways, small spaces, and first floor rooms. The dome can even be installed a completely different area of the roof to deliver light to rooms where the windows remain shaded throughout the day, or interior rooms without windows. (Homeowners who construct additions love SolaTube for rescuing them from the gloom of the windowless rooms that are often created by adding on!)

Advantages of SolaTube over traditional skylightsAsset copy

  • lower cost to install
  • preserve precious attic storage space
  • zero maintenance
  • unobtrusive
  • more light delivery- captures even low early morning and evening light
  • no passive heat transfer or drafts
  • no water leaks (really!)
  • can be run up to 35 feet-  enjoy natural sunshine in almost any room, even those on lower floors
  • filters out 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays- no fading of furnishings or risk of skin damage
  • many decorative fixture options available
  • optional dimmer, bath fan and light kit attachments means there’s a SolaTube perfect for any application in your home

American Made SolaTubes install in hours, with no drywall finishing required, and carry a ten year warranty. Enjoy the mood and health benefits of beautiful natural daylight, banish gloomy interiors, and create bright, welcoming spaces with SolaTube from Old Dominion Innovations.

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