Mechanicsville custom kitchen cabinetry granite

What is your biggest pet peeve as a homeowner?

What is your homeownership pet peeve?

You know what we mean.

After living in a space for a while, we learn how our habits and needs fit in our homes. Either they compliment one another- you have a good traffic flow, adequate space, you can physically use the home; or you’re constantly having to compromise what you do and how you do it. Those workarounds we all make- using a different entry because one is inconvenient, or storing things in any available nook or cranny due to lack of good storage- can become the pet peeves that affect the quality of our lives.

Mechanicsville custom kitchen cabinetry granite
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling






Some of the most frequent complaints we hear about our clients’ homes are:

  • lack of functional space
  • unused formal areas
  • poor layout/ traffic flow
  • no place to entertain
  • outdated design features
  • house that hasn’t kept up with a changing lifestyle

If you have looked at the Richmond real estate scene lately you probably already know it’s a seller’s market right now. Supply hasn’t kept up with demand, and prices are going up.

Remodeling may be the solution to those pet peeves you have with your current home.  And the right remodel will add value you’ll get back when it’s time to sell.

You can add storage, improve the flow of traffic, update outdated or worn out features, and create functional, individualized spaces that work with your needs- whatever they may be.

We encourage you to check out our remodeling services & how they may turn that pet peeve into a positive. Stop compromising & start living the life you want!