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Increase Curb Appeal by Remodeling your Home – inside and out

There are various factors that make a home more valuable, and more likely to sell, even in a cluttered market. Having a home in an up-and-coming neighborhood will instantly attract buyers. A property with plenty of space always appeals to families looking to grow. Additionally, making your home as attractive as possible on both the inside and the outside increases your chances of people falling in love with your home.

So, how do you make your property as appealing as possible, inside and out? Well, there are plenty of things that you can do. Here are just some of our favorite tips.

1.      Take Advantage of Paint

We all know that a lick of paint can instantly transform a home. Inside your house, repainting your living room, dining room and bedrooms can help them appear more modern and fresh. You can even experiment with wallpaper, feature walls and murals if you like. Just remember that neutral colors are generally more likely to appeal to a wider range of people when you’re adding onto your home.

Outside, paint can make a huge difference too. A fresh splash of color on your exterior walls chases away the dull and dreary look of unloved masonry. Painting your exterior and siding can help you instantly attract the attention of potential buyers.

2.      Go Green

Inside your house, bringing more natural greenery and plant life into your property can really help to open up a space and make it more appealing. Plants and flowers give depth and beauty to your rooms, while cleaning the air and improving air quality too.

Outside, you also have an excellent opportunity to attract buyers by making the most of your yard and lawn. Getting rid of excess weeds, mowing the grass, and planting some blossoms that are native to Richmond are all excellent ways to give your home more curb appeal. A beautiful garden with a clean driveway will really make a difference to your home’s appearance.

3.      Make the Most of Light

Finally, light inside of a home can make a space appear bigger and more welcoming. The next time you’re planning a remodel, think about how you can bring as much light into a space as possible, with big and beautiful windows, or even skylights that allow you to look up to the stars when you’re relaxing in your bedroom on an evening.

Don’t forget the value of light outside too. Some solar lights leading up to your front door will help to attract buyers to your house even in the later hours of the day. Additionally, motion-sensing lights and other sources of illumination can help to make your house a little safer, by deterring criminals that might otherwise target your property. People are much less likely to try and attack your home if there are already lights set up outside.

Time to Transform your Home?

Transforming your home can be a lot easier than you’d think. There are plenty of ways that you can remodel and revamp both the inside and outside of your property to give it more appeal and value to potential buyers. Try our top three tips above the next time you want to spruce up your home.