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Disability Remodeling in Richmond, VA

Remodel for Disability- Maintain Your Dignity & Independence

Do you need disability remodeling in your Richmond, VA, home?

When you are living with a disability, aging in place, or caring for a loved one facing physical challenges, having the right accommodations in place can make all the difference. Modifying your home to be handicapped accessible with disability remodeling ensures comfort and safety, and most importantly, daily independence.

Handicapped accessible housing is expensive and hard to find. Seniors, guard your independence and avoid assisted living by planning ahead for the future. Stay in the home that you love, preserve your memories, and create a livable home that can adapt to whatever physical changes aging may bring. The disability remodeling pros at ODI will work with you to transform your living spaces into the safe, accessible haven you need to age safely in your own home.

Increase Your Equity

Accessible Bathroom Remodel

Accessibility remodeling also increases your resale value. The demand for wheelchair-friendly housing is strong, and the supply is low. Landlords, realtors, and property managers- accessibility upgrades can instantly make your properties stand out.

Old Dominion Innovations offers full handicapped remodeling services with universal design features.

We can:

widen halls and doorways

lower sinks and countertops

add entry ramps

install non-slip flooring

replace tubs with roll-in showers -with seating

lower light switches, raise outlets

install video home monitoring and intercoms

add grab bars and handrails

install chair lifts and bed lifts

and more- for safe, inclusive, barrier free living.

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We will work with you to identify your current and future needs and maximize your home’s possibilities, for a lifetime of comfortable, safe independent living.

Let the number one disability remodelers in Richmond, VA, start your project today. Call us today.