Solar Client

I have been using ODI each year for 3 years now. They installed all the solar panels I could afford at the time and left the needed capacity so I could add panels each year when I got my taxes back. I have just contracted (as of last week) the last 6 panels of my system. I have also used them to customize my solar hot water system to meet some special requests of storage and circulation. This was an idea I dreamed up myself and ODI liked the idea and was happy to do the necessary wiring.  I have also used them to do some network cabling in my home. They also were happy to install an electrical monitoring system I wanted to verify my power company billing.  During this process, ODI responded to my MANY requests for quotes and adjustments with a pleasant and helpful attitude. I could not recommend them any more highly.

The only real issues I’ve had over the 3 years are with inspectors. They would ask for things not required. ODI would do what they asked without argument even when we all knew it was unnecessary. AND at no extra charge to me. ODI would rather do it than delay the project proving the point.  They are just plain great at what they do!