A Guide To Home Improvement Decisions When You Have An Older Property

An older house can make for a lovely home, providing unique architectural elements no longer found in modern properties and bringing great history with it. That said, older houses also tend to require the most maintenance. Knowing how to prioritize home improvements can help you save money and time. Luckily, these tips and resources from Old Dominion Innovations have you covered.

Address Renovations That Directly Impact Safety and Security First

Prioritize fixes that impact the property’s livability.

  • A leaky roof can ruin valuables inside your home. A roof replacement is thus a top priority and should be budgeted for accordingly.

  • A faulty foundation can make an entire house unstable and unsafe. Recognize indicators that it’s time for foundation repairs, like visible cracks and doors that stick.

  • An old HVAC system can be inefficient and result in higher utilities bills. Look for ways to save on a new system, such as manufacturer rebates.

  • Have a professional add insulation to your older home to make it more energy-efficient, and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Move On to Projects That Boost Home Value

Once the “must-do” work is taken care of, move on to the “nice to have” renovations.

  • Research current renovation trends that increase home value, like hardwood flooring and new cabinets.

  • If you have an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor range hood will suck up exhaust and odors.

  • Install energy-efficient appliances to save money on electricity and enhance value.

  • Don’t forget the outside space! Landscaping extras like an irrigation system and lighting can help boost home value.

  • Add a standalone home office if you’re working from home. Locate your office near natural daylight and away from high-traffic areas.

  • Keep track of all updates you make, so you can quantify the increase in home value.

Add Aesthetic Touches to Further Enhance the Property

Home improvements should also take into account appearances.

  • While larger renovations like installing a new roof or HVAC system require a pro, you can DIY smaller things—like giving the rooms a fresh coat of paint.

  • Sometimes a simple cleaning is all it takes to get an old house looking like new. This is another project you can DIY.

  • Invest in smart home gadgets to make the house more secure and convenient.

  • Pay attention to the finishing touches, like art and decor, that make a house shine.

Older houses generally require more time and investment than newer properties. Knowing what to prioritize can help streamline the process. Trust the tips above to guide your home improvement decision-making.

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